Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Flushing Meadows and toilets...

...as another chance disappears down the pan. Andy Murray, professional grump and occasional tennis player bows out of the US Open final. Federer out-classed his opponent, initially in the dresssing room with his initialled pants then later on the court. Murray maintains his place on the list of deseprate British under-achievers.
No doubt the jug-eared wonder Tim Henman watched on with jealous eyes (and flapping ears). At Wimbleon we have the constant reminder of Britain's under achievement with the naming of "Henman Hill". They named a hill after him and he didn't even come second, only reaching the semi finals, how desperate is that? There is also an element of male pride here as Virginia Wade who actually won the damn thing hasn't even got a toilet named after her...or a tea-maker, The Wade-Maid, "serving" up the best tea in town.
No, Murray lost out on a Grand Slam meaning not since Fred Perry has a British tennis player won such an event. Maybe one day Murray can have his own clothing range to be taken up by Far Right youths too. The Murray brand white hood and burning cross? Who knows? Of course the main conjecture about race on this one is when someone is deemed Scottish and when British. In the English press today Murray returned to being a Scot for the time being.

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